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The Network was incorporated in December 2009 as the Princes Hill Heritage Network Inc. and expanded to include the whole of North Carlton in January 2011, becoming the Princes Hill North Carlton Heritage Network Inc.

The aims of the Network are to:

  1. Bullet    Support and conserve the historic and significant heritage aspects of Princes Hill and North Carlton.

  2. Bullet    Lobby for appropriate planning and development in the Princes Hill and North Carlton area and on their boundaries.

  3. Bullet    Advocate that any changes to the built environment be consistent with heritage principles.

  4. Bullet    Involve the community in celebrating Princes Hill and North Carlton as an important heritage area.

Our postal address is Box 31, Princes Hill Newsagency,

607 Lygon Street Princes Hill 3054

Our email address is princeshill.heritage@yahoo.com.au